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A Happy Ending - A story about how we met by Lunaticharmed A Happy Ending - A story about how we met by Lunaticharmed
So, this is basically some mini story about how me and my best/good friend. Patrick. >v< ♥♥

A week after the first day of school..

Michelle grabbed her backpack and went down the stairs to the exit. She said bye to her new friends and walked out of the door. She sighed deeply and started walking when she saw a familliar boy walking infront of her. He could hear her footsteps so he turned around, he looked at her for a while and smiled weakly. ''Hey'' he said. ''Aren't you Michelle right?'' He asked. ''Y-Yes, thats right.'' I answered. They walked home together. They started talking about anime and Pokemon, and such. ''Hey, you live pretty far from school..'' She said. ''Nah, it's right there.'' He said and pointed at a house thats just a minute from hers. ''What the hell, we are neighbours.'' Michelle said and pointed at her house. ''How long have you been living here?'' She asked. ''Some years.'' He said. ''How come you didn't go to my school?'' She asked again. ''My brothers used to go to that elementary school thats nearby our highschool.'' He answered. ''Ah.. How cool.'' She chuckled lightly. Both of them stopped. ''Walk with you tomorrow morning?'' Michelle asked him lightly. ''Sure, we can talk about this anime, Sword Art Online, if you've watched it.'' He said. ''Of course! Im done with the first season.'' Michelle said. They both went their ways and waved goodbye. 

Apparently im fucking lazy to write the whole story so ill update it later. Maybe.

Glad i deg, Patrick, din dust. ♥
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i ship it
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